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Christian Catholic Photographs

Peggy and Bill Wittman specialize in stock photography which serves the needs of Catholic Christian publishers.

WP Wittman photographs are rooted in Christian spirituality. We depict people in natural life experiences and relationships including family, community, outreach and Church. We provide photographs of Catholic celebrations and Catholic liturgies including Mass and Sacrements such as Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Marriage, Holy Orders and Anointing. We feature images of parish outreach, Bible Study, RCIA, and parish life. We include children, teens, adults, seniors, and persons with disabilities. Our photographs are editorial in style with ethnic and cultural diversity.

Use Agreements and Fees

Our Library is organized to respond to requests. We provide images on HiRes CDs, or by email. Our digital library is growing and contains over 35,000 images. If you feel our photos may support your communication, editorial or promotional needs please contact us and we will establish an appropriate usage fee - usually considering the size of the image and the press run.

Theme Catalogues

We have prepared printed theme catalogues representing broad cross sections of our library. The catalogues are supplied with HiRes CDs for instant access. If you wish to receive a free catalogue for your at hand files please let us know.


The Copyright of all images on our CDs, printed thumbnails, exhibition prints and this website belong to Bill and Peggy Wittman. We jointly own and retain copyright for all our photographs - including digital or electronic files, transparencies, prints and negatives. Any use of these images in printed or electronic form - whether for presentations, layouts, printed publications, Internet sites, general information, or personal use requires our prior agreement.

Phone: (905) 823-2741
Email: bill@wpwittman.com